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March 12 2015

March 11 2015

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"The N7 Valkyrie assault rifle is issued to every new Alliance recruit and is standard issue among ground forces." 

Mass Effect | Commander Shepard, painted in CS6

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March 09 2015

Garrus Vakarian
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Saren, what the fuck?
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Dr T’Soni pixelart
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Omega pixelart
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Femshep shows Liara that she can, in fact, dance!
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February 21 2015

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February 14 2015

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February 11 2015

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Shepard, I love… your hair. Heh-heh.

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my ul..timate..doki…d        oki.. .. .. ……… ………….

another goddamn sharpie/copic liner/nail polish/gross old coffee on index card drawing and i fucked up some of it cry garrus i’m so sorry

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January 12 2015

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I started to play “ME1”…… for the first time!!! *slowpoke*

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wrex has had an unbelievable reception at pax today! :)  im so so tired after wearing it though!
wrex- Thoroly-Good Cosplay

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January 03 2015

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Dashing through the snow
In a Mako M35 
Up the hill we go
I swear that pyjack’s still alive

Geth under the wheels
Garrus just might cry
Oh what fun it is to ride and climb
Planet side tonight

                   - Christmas on the SSV Normandy SR-1 (2183)

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December 31 2014

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Boziu ześlij 700 zl ja tego potrzebuje ;_;
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